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To empower entrepreneurs in securing the most favorable, lowest-interest funding for their businesses in the shortest amount of time while equipping them with the expertise and resources to replicate this success every year. Our goal is achieved when every business owner in America gains access to a credit education, ample resources, enjoys a fulfilling personal life, and consistently delivers exceptional service to their clientele. Ultimately, our focus remains on your success, not ours. 




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4 Core Tenants That Fuel Our Top Students.



The undeniable truth is that leverage serves as a catalyst for accelerated results in any online business. Those who adhere to this principle experience faster profitability compared to those who rely solely on cash transactions. Strategic use of leverage, coupled with effective risk mitigation, empowers individuals to scale their ventures from zero to six figures, from seven to eight figures, and even from eight figures to nine figures, all without relying on their personal capital.


Our top-tier students understand the strategic advantage of being pioneers in their respective industries, embracing calculated risks to gain a competitive edge and move swiftly ahead of the market. They efficiently navigate our course content and promptly apply acquired knowledge. Recognizing that delaying action prolongs the journey to achieving their aspirations, they prioritize swift execution. Why postpone the optimization of your credit portfolio? Rapid and decisive action is the pathway to achieving maximum funding outcomes.


In a society that sometimes fosters a victim mentality, our students embrace the empowering mantra: "No one is coming to save you but yourself." The recognition is clear ‚Äď to attain one's deepest desires, the onus is on the individual to position themselves for success. In this narrative, everyone has the potential to be the hero of their own life, the architect of their destiny. Our top students embody this philosophy, combining a robust credit education with consistent, successful implementation year after year. They also cultivate cash-flowing business models, eagerly welcoming the transformative changes that occur when deploying their credit.


Our top-performing students recognize the importance of challenging preconceived notions about credit and business to secure maximum funding. Each participant enters the course with varying perspectives on credit, some of which may be unfounded or speculative. Our top students acknowledge this and demonstrate a willingness to embrace new, well-founded beliefs regarding money and credit.  Despite our availability of tools to assist in maintaining accountability, our high-achieving students often remain accountable without our help. They consistently ask themselves "how bad I want it?"


August 2019

Blake and Eyad met in the summer of 2020 serendipitously. Blake spent that summer recording a talking to strangers podcast where he would go up to people during the day and record a podcast episode. Episode 66 he ran into Eyad who was living in Boston and building his stock trading community. Little did they know they would be building a 8 figure business together 4 years later.

June 2021


Two years later Blake & Eyad met back up in Miami reunited by the goal to create the next greatest funding consultation firm in the country. Blake quit his job at a financial insurance company and flew down to Orlando the next day to begin building Empower Consulting with Eyad. They knew they could perfect the funding model and deliver results to clients that the market had never before seen. All while creating the best client experience and ecosystem of results ever assembled in the funding space.

June 2021 - June 2022


For the next 12 months Blake and Eyad built Empower Consulting Partners LLC into a 7 figure entity - starting from absolutely zero. Attending Harvard at the time Blake had his far share of Fronteir flights every other week down to Orlando. Sleeping on Eyad's couch and getting out of debt from a previous failed venture Blake was determined to build a second business successfully. Eyad's decorated stock trading career and experience bringing his mentorship program to high 6 figures beforehand armed him as a leader to steer the ship alongside Blake. They took the entire market by store. Pumping out clients quicker than their competitors and producing larger funding results Blake and Eyad scaled quickly to the top. What fueled their come up was their focus on clients and continuing to provide an asymmetric value exchange. Clients were never required to pay up front for Empower's funding service. The client always won. If no money was acquired no payment was required of the client. This asymmetric offer allowed them to scale tremendously all the while gathering data, intel, and approval patterns from the institutions their clients applied to. Now knowing they could each run a successful funding acquisition business separately they dissolved the partnership and built their own operations to gather even more funding data.

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June 2022 - Oct 2023


Blake moved to Denver and founded Evertsen Equity. He used the opportunity alone to gather different data sets of client funding acquisitions. Eyad moved to Miami and continued building out Empower testing new funding sequences and banks for clients. Each showed that not only could they succeeded together but they both had what it took to succeed apart - to the tune of millions for each. What never changed was their focus on the asymmetric value exchange - low friction to sale, maximum results in the shortest period of time. just like before they took note of their experimental findings. When Blake moved back down to Miami from Scottsdale he met back up with Eyad. Soon they discovered they were missing something within themselves. Each felt successful yet alone. Happy with their business results but no where near satisfied. They had each spent well over two years hopping on thousands of hours of zoom calls with clients. Sure the client would receive the results they came for but Blake and Eyad felt clients deserved more than simply results. They deserved the same education Blake and Eyad received from working with over a thousand clients. They deserved the Data Blake and Eyad collected, all of the secrets, all of the strategies, anything and everything the pair learned over the past several years.  The duo knew if they could package all of that experiential knowledge into a single digestible course for a client that client would be armed with information that could potentially change the course of their business career. So, E2 Group LLC was formed. Named E2 Group LLC - Evertsen Equity LLC and Empower Consulting Partners LLC have recombined forces to deliver a product to the funding acquisition market never before seen.

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Introducing Your E2 Funding Vault. 




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Blake & Eyad's Travels


Mastering the intricacies of credit management has proven immensely rewarding for Blake and Eyad. Their frequent travels are enhanced by leveraging the points, rewards, and cash back features embedded within their credit portfolio. This enables them to secure discounted tickets and lower their expenses on daily items. The realm of credit has not only enriched their lives but also presented them with a wealth of opportunities beyond mere business transactions. You can follow them below.